My Story

My name is Don Christensen. I live in Northwestern Wisconsin. I grew up in Southern Minnesota and have always loved to hunt and fish. As I grew older, these interests expanded into some fantastic experiences all over the country. Unfortunately, in the late 1990s I was diagnosed with MS. This created a pretty major stumbling block to the activities that I enjoy. I have gone from spending weeks hiking or canoeing in the wilderness to the point of being quadriplegic in a wheelchair relying on only my mouth to shoot. These physical limitations, while slowing me down a great deal, have not stopped me. I found that I have to work a lot harder than the average bear to accomplish most tasks, but if I was willing to put in the work, many things are still do-able.


I have worked with delinquent youth all of my adult life but was forced to go on disability in 2004. Disability amounts to a lot of time on your hands with little to do but twiddle your thumbs, but I'm not a thumb twiddler. I needed to find something very useful to do. With the help of Babe Winkelman Productions, I was able to attain the equipment I needed (voice recognition software) in order to do some good.


My goal has been twofold. The first part was finding outfitters that can accommodate disabled sportspeople and sharing through my position as the Disabilities Coordinator for Babe Winkelman Productions.


Secondly, I want to work as a "clearing house" of information for disabled sportspeople. My goal since I started this site in 2004 is to keep hunters and anglers in the woods and on the water despite physical limitations. Any information I can find will be shared on this site. Please feel free to contact me with questions and/or comments, or if you just want to swap some stories.

As my website was growing, I began to develop contacts throughout the country. One day several years ago I was visiting with a lady in Texas who was trying to fulfill an Alaskan bear hunting dream for a little boy struggling with terminal brain cancer. I made a few calls and the end result was that a sick little fellow and a very kind Alaskan guide ended up having a wonderful free bear hunting adventure near Ketchikan Alaska. I had found a new direction! Currently much of what I do focuses on children just like that little boy. If you know of any youth struggling with illness who have dreams of spending time in the outdoors, please contact me as there are more opportunities than I have found kids for.