When I first became attached to a wheelchair in 2004, I began to keep track of many of my harvests so I could show people they could still successfully hunt dispite disability. At the time I had no idea of the adventures staying in the game would bring into my life. If you go through the pictures from the bottom up, it makes an interesting progression of MS and how I was able to adapt. Never ever give up!!


2022 Wisconsin Turkey Season

As winter faded, excitement for the spring turkey season. Rough weather made for a slow start but with 30 minutes of light remaining in my first season, three jakes responded to the call. One of them was a 20 pound bird and the rest is history.

2021 Wisconsin Bear Season

I've spent quite a bit of time over the years trying to harvest a good bear from Ontario to Minesota to Wisconsin. While I had many great adventures, the big bear never came along. This year I decided to ba little less fussy. The kind folks at Field of Dreams ran a bait for me near Rice Lake and everything felll into place opening evening when this 200 lb bear came into the bait,

2021 Wisconsin Spring Turkey Season

Spring of 2021 started out with some excitement. Wisconsin turkey season opened on April 28th. We were in the woods before first light but it wasn't until evening that 5 gobblers came onto my food plot. My caregiver did a great job calling and here was the result.

2021 Indiana Turkey Season

The following day we loaded up and headed for Indiana. I planned to participate in the Turkey Tracks hunt. This was a long over due trip for me because the young man who started Turkey Tracks was one of the first terminally ill youth I worked with through my website. Eric Corey is no longer with us but it was a real pleasure to participate in the program Eric had started and his wonderful family and friends have kept going.

2017 Wisconsin Rifle Deer

After my struggles last fall with Guillian-Barre syndrome, I began 2017 with very little vision in either of my eyes. As the year went on I got a little better every week or so. By the time the Wisconsin disabled hunt came along I was able to see fairly well through my scope. I worked this buck until I finally got an oppertunity in early October.

2017 Minnesota Broken Wing pheasant hunt

In 2017 I had a wonderful once in a lifetime pheasant hunt with the Broken Wing Foundation.

2016 Spring Turkey

As my hand control worsened from the MS I started to teach my caregivers to call turkeys. The young lady (Molly) had never touched a turkey call until about a week before the hunt this year. She did well when the time came!

2015 Wisconsin Rifle

In 2015 I learned there is truth to the statement. I always make "let them go, let them grow." When this bruiser showed up near my archery stand, I tried for several weeks to get a shot with my crossbow. When the Wisconsin disabled hunt opened in October, I was sitting in my food plot with my rifle when everything came together.

2014 Field of Dreams Elk Hunt

A unique opportunity came along in 2014. I was offered the chance to harvest an elk with the Field of Dreams Hunt Program.

2014 Wisconsin Rifle

I harvested this buck on my own property during the Wisconsin disabled hunt.

2013 Wisconsin Spring Turkey

I've tried for turkeys in the spring for several years but 2013 prove to be the year of my first. He's got double beards with the longest being 10 inches.

2012 Wisconsin Rifle

I shot this buck during the Wisconsin rifle season just before Thanksgiving of 2012 on my own property.

2012 Hogsback hunt with Ralph

October of 2012 brought a new adventure where a very good friend of mine who is blind came up with the idea that if I were the eyes and he was the hands, we could harvest a buck together. With lots of practice as well as a few trial and error misses, we got the job done! This hunt was organized by The Way Outfitters and was televised on Outdoorbound TV. Click youtube to see the show.

2012 Appleton Wisconsin Deer hunt

In January of 2012, I did a wonderful hunt with The Way Outfitters for their TV show. You can watch the show here. This is a pic of the result with my guide Bob Singler.


2011 Wisconsin Rifle season

Haven't put any of my pics up for a few years but I'm still at it. I've taken does each year but I haven't had an opportunity at a mature buck. Here's a doe I harvested in November of 2011 during rifle season.


2008 Wisconsin Rifle

Here's a late season doe from December, 2008. I've taken some deer hands-free with my crossbow, but this was the first with rifle.

Doe Dec 08

2008 Wisconsin Archery

Here's my buck from the 2008 archery season. Letting all the small bucks go last year really seemed to pay off with the bucks we've had out here this fall. Here's one that came in that I just couldn't resist. Same setup as last year being totally hands free, but this one is with my new TenPoint crossbow. Click here for the full story.


2007 Wisconsin Archery

2007 seemed to be the year of the small racks in our area, so I passed on a lot of bucks. I put up this doe with my crossbow early in the archery season. Kind of neat for me as this one was totally hands free as my good arm has gotten quite a bit worse. I used a tab on the back of the crossbow to point it, and a sip trigger switch from BeAdaptive to fire.

2007 Thanksgiving dinner

Wisconsin allows the harvest of hen turkeys during the fall season.

2006 Wisconsin Archery

Here's my 2006 Archery buck. Getting close to the end of the season and we finally got a little snow.

2006 Fall Turkey

This one was kind of special as it was the first turkey I've taken since the wheelchair became a big part of my life. The second picture is with my son Riley helping carry the turkey out of the woods.

2005 Wisconsin Black Powder

I thought it was an average doe when I pulled the trigger but unfortunately it was a young buck. Good for the freezer but I do like to let the little bucks grow into big bucks.

2005 Wisconsin Archery

Here's a doe I harvested in the fall of 2005 with my crossbow.

2004 Wisconsin Rifle

These are from Wisconsin's Whitetails Unlimited Disabled Hunt of 2004. Many thanks to my "guides"!

My guides, my son and myself after the hunt.

Another pic after the hunt and a picture the next day in the better light.

2004 Wisconsin Archery

The buck I shot on my archery tag in 2004.

Left : Same buck in better light and I'm on the Electric Scooter I use for hunting.
Right : Our 8' x 8' "shooting house" with ramp.

My Son's 2004 Montana Buffalo Hunt

My son Riley with the animal he harvested at the Diving Buffalo Ranch near Billings, Montana. Bottom picture includes guides Kris and Brad.

My Daughter's Montana Antalope Hunt

My daughter Beth and I with a couple antelope we shot in Montana. The picture on the right is my daughter with my friend Steve Toriseva.

2017 Beth's Wisconsin Rifle Buck

So many years have passed since that first antalope hunt but Beth is still traveling across the country to spend a week in the deer stand with me each fall! One of the finest pleasures in my life!

My son Riley's Bass fishing

I just had to sneak a couple of pictures in here of my son Riley and a couple of catches from this summer. The picture on the left was when he caught 2 bass at the same time. One was about a pound and the other was three pounds. The second picture is a stringer he brought home one evening.

My son Riley's 2005 Turkey

Here's a couple pictures of Riley in the fall of 2005. He's 13 and this is the result of his first turkey hunt.


Riley's 2006 Archery Buck

At age 14, it's a pretty good way to start!