This page will be pictures of the animals around home here in Northwest Wisconsin. My family and I love to take pictures and we'll share them with you here. We'll just get a few of these pictures up here on the site to get started, and then we'll add a bunch more as soon as we get a chance. As we get a lot of pictures on here, it's going to take a bit to load, but I think you'll find them worthwhile.

All pictures below are ours and are the property of They may not be used without express written permission.

In April of 2013, we had a late snow slowing down turkey season. Once the snow stoped falling, I looked out the back window the see these toms right after my first week of hunting.

This is one of my favorite pictures from near my stand. Not big bucks but they were starting to get serious about the rut during fall of 2012

Here's one of the better bucks that was hanging around a few years ago.

We got some pretty good pictures off the left-overs from my archery deer in 2007. Here are a few.

And here is our favorite. Notice the turkeys in the background.

Here's a pretty laid back bear that came into the deer feeder about 30 feet behind the house in May of 2007.

This grey fox came in in early August, 2006.

In middle July, 2006, we checked the game cameras and found a few pretty good pictures.

On June 13, 2006 this little fellow came in by the back deck, climbed a tree, and was rubbing his backside.

A hungry little fellow out the back window after our mid-March snowstorm.

On January 4, 2006 the trail camera we've got set up on the food plot got this picture.

The trail camera got this picture by my stand on 12/01/05 about an hour after dark. My son and I had listened to 2 bucks fighting near the stand a couple of weeks before and the fight ended abruptly. This one's broken antler could explain it.

We put the leftovers after butchering a deer this fall out back and hung the game camera near it. Here's what it got!

Here's a few pictures the game camera got near my deer stand. The pictures were taken October 6, 2005 and it's about 100 yards from the house.

Both of these pictures are from a game camera we set up about 300 yards from the house.We have bait underneath the logs and the object hanging from the tree that the cub is so interested in is a hollow log we filled with sunflower seeds, not to bait the bears but to get some unique pictures.

We've got a deer feeder set up right behind the house that provides us with some great picture opportunities. We had some great bucks coming in late summer, 2005. Here are a few of those pictures.

Here is a great grey owl that posed near our place in the spring of 2005.

Here's a pretty good picture of the turkeys on the deer feeder during the winter of 2004/2005. We had 11 of them coming in every day.

Our son Riley took this picture in the fall of 2004 while we were sitting in the deer stand. The back area in the upper part of the picture is actually my crossbow. The deer is about seven feet from us (in the shooting house).

We saw this little seven point a lot in the fall of 2004.